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GT Radial Champiro 128 Tyres

Champiro 128
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Details about the Champiro 128

The GT Radial Champiro 128 is an all-season touring tyre that provides great mileage, grip, control and handling in all road conditions. It features advanced water draining for excellent wet weather performance and demonstrates enhanced handling, traction and braking.

Key Features

  • A high performance tyre that provides excellent ride comfort with superb control.

  • Polyester casing, 2 steel belts with nylon overlays for high speed integrity.

  • Single, central circumferential rib - Enhanced stability and response.

  • Curved tread blocks, combined with aggressive shoulder blading - Provide outstanding water dispersion and wet grip.

  • Computer generated, finite element analysis has culminated in a low stress, even tyre wearing package.

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
175/60R14 79H