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Continental TechContact TC6 Tyres

TechContact TC6
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Details about the TechContact TC6

Balanced performance, enjoy every journey

Key Features

  • Excellent stability and grip in all conditions

  • Outstanding wet braking performance.

  • Optimised tread block sequencing for low noise and a quiet and comfortable ride

  • Durability and excellent wear performance, thanks to a tread compound featuring a clever combination of short and long chain polymer molecules

  • Double Aqua Drainage Elements - Improved safety on wet roads thanks to the Aqua Channels and Drains that accelerate water evacuation into the main grooves of the tyre and out from under the tyre's contact patch.

  • Optimised Block Sequencing & Noise Breaker Technology 2.0 - Optimised tread block sequencing and noise breaker technology that interrupts the sound waves in the grooves of the tyre resulting in a quieter, more comfortable driving experience.

  • Venture Further for Longer - A blend of short and long chain polymer molecules deliver high levels of grip and low levels of wear. Silica reinforcement of the tread compound reduces tyre rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency.

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
185/55R15 86V XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
215/65R16 98H
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
225/45R17 91W
225/50R17 94W
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
225/40R18 92W XL
225/45R18 95W XL
225/50R18 95W
245/40R18 97W XL
245/50R18 100Y