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Puncture Repairs

Are you looking for a tyre puncture repair service nearby? Located at 1/23 De-Havilland Crescent, Ballina, we offer puncture repair services to those in Ballina, Lennox Head, Alstonville, Wollongbar and Wardell and the surrounding areas. Our qualified technicians can have you back on the road with minimal stress.

In instances where a puncture repair isn’t an option, we can provide you with replacement recommendations from our great range of tyres, including popular brands such as Michelin and BFGoodrich.

When to book a puncture repair

Not all tyre punctures are immediately obvious. If you suspect your tyre has a slow puncture you should have it assessed immediately by a professional, as a slow leak can result in a tyre blowout, which should be avoided at all costs.

Similarly, if you know your tyre has a puncture, don’t ignore the issue. Driving on a damaged tyre decreases vehicle handling capabilities, and can cause damage to other components on your vehicle, including the wheel, brakes and steering system.

How to book puncture repairs in Ballina

If you have a punctured tyre, contact Ballina Tyre & Auto.

If you have a punctured tyre, bring it to Ballina Tyre & Auto. Our qualified technicians can thoroughly assess the damage, identify exactly where the puncture is, and determine if there’s any internal damage, before advising if a repair is safe and possible.

You can book now, or phone us on (02) 6686 2644 to book a puncture repair service.